Why go on a Tanzanian Safari ?

Tanzania is one of the few countries where you can find most of the authentic African experiance.  The Serengeti and the Ngorongoro are probably the wildlife parks with the most abundant amount of animals you can get in the whole of Africa. In additon to that, Tanzania is home to the largest mountain in Africa, The Kilimanjaro, which is on the bucket list of every adventurer. But Tanzania is also home to many white beaches and blue waters only 50 minutes away by plane from Kilimanjaro.

That is what you can expect from your Tanzania Luxury Safari. Sounds Good ?


Our Safaris

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Every year, up to 1.5 million of wildebeests migrate alongside 200 thousand zebras, 350 thousand gazelles and 12 thousand elands. This strange wonder of the natural world circulates the Serengeti National Park with its path dictated by rainfall and the resulting growth of grasses on the plains. The precise timing of the migration is entirely dependent upon the rainfall patterns each year.

For any visitor to the Serengeti, the wildlife spectacle of the migration offers a huge enhancement to what is already an overwhelming sight.

Safari tours don’t require specific conditions and are suitable for people of almost all age groups. In fact, our fleet, service and partners together will make your safari in Tanzania comfortable and enjoyable. The connection with nature and wildlife during the trip will be truly relaxing for our wellness.

One safari vehicle can fit 7 guests, which is ideal for a family or a group of friends.

After safaris, you can take some extra days to stay on the white beaches of Zanzibar, perfect for some tropical relaxation!

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What’s more romantic than a bush dinner under the soft moonlight, a cocktail with the fabulous sunset, or even a hot bubble bath on the secluded savanna? We will work our partners to make your honeymoon unforgettable and special.

Book with us, there will be lots of pleasant surprises ahead!

All of our safari tours are tailor-made, largely because the migration patterns so the itineraries will be pending on the seasons. Tailor-made safari tours will to the largest extent ensure your trips comfortable, satisfying and private.

Just leave us your information by clinking the button below. Our crew will provide you a tailor-made proposal for an unforgettable safari experience.

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