WILA Activites

WILA has created a list of fun, exciting and relaxing activities to enjoy on your Safari. We have prepared a variety so there is something for everyone to enjoy their stay in Tanzania.


Take Flight into the skies

Take a peek at the vast savanna from the air and enjoy the spectacular sunrise at the horizon afar. The hot air balloons provide you another angle to look at the sceneries and wildlife of Serengeti.


Mountain Climbing

What’s more rewarding than finally seeing the sunrise at Africa’s highest peak after all the hard efforts to ascend? Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is an experience a true adventure will never miss.


Massai Village Visit

Maasai culture is an inseparable part of the Serengeti plains. The fame of brave Maasai warriors has been known all over the world. Take a visit to the Maasai village to taste the natural honey, appreciate the unique-patterned Maasai cloth, and understand the importance of cattle and spirit of community in Maasai life.


Island And Beach

The amazing island of Zanzibar is multi-faced. Take a walk in the ancient Stone Town to learn the history of the Swahili coast, join a spice tour to appreciate the amazing aromas, lay down on the white beach to chill with a cold drink, sail out into the ocean for some water sport fun, or swim off the island with the cute dolphins… this tropical paradise is beyond your imagination.